sabato 11 aprile 2015

Depraved Murder - Remnants of Depravity

Artist: Depraved Murder
Title: Remnants of Depravity
Release date: April 10, 2015
Label: WAAR Productions
Genre: Brutal Death Metal. Cookie Monster in a b-movie.

Bunch of Indonesian kids playing loud music. Their drummer is called Yogy, which I imagine sounds funnier in this hemisphere, but whatever. This is their first album, published by a tiny Indonesian label which appears to be doing the right things.

These guys are competent. It truly is one of the greatest testaments to death metal. They live 10,000 miles away from the place where death metal was born, and they play it well. Some tracks (like Neurological Brain Disorders) show interesting guitar work, which in my opinion stands out as the true highlight of the album. The vocal aren't bad - they lack some emphasis at times, and I think that constant growling has ran its course. When it's alternated with some screaming, like in Torso Rotten Flesh, it's definitely refreshing. It also sounds pretty well, in the sense that you can hear everything well (except for the bass, which I had to intentionally look for every time) and it's all well distributed.

All of the above being said, this album is formulaic as hell. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, especially in an underdeveloped metal scene like the one in Indonesia. But it might not satisfy an American or European fan. The audio from horror movies is cheesy beyond words, but it ties in with the art and general themes. I was not impressed with the drumming - it's the only true weak point, in my opinion. It partially depends on some sound design choices (half of the drum kit sounds fine, the other half is messed up), but it's ultimately due to playing style. It adds nothing to the songs, and at times it detracts a bit from them.

If you're Indonesian, it's a big deal. Like, really big. If you're not Indonesian (which sounds more likely, if you're reading this blog), it's still not bad, so you might want to give it a try. You can stream it in its entirety on Bandcamp, which gives you the chance to check if I'm bullshitting (I'm not).

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