sabato 11 aprile 2015

Kotiteollisuus - Kruuna / Klaava

Artist: Kotiteollisuus
Album: Kruuna / Klaava
Release date: April 10, 2015
Label: Megamania/Johanna Kustannus
Genre: Heavy metal

Veterans of the Finnish hard rock scene having fun. This is Kotiteollisuus's 13th album in less than twenty years, and you can see from the cover that they're enjoying themselves. As far as I know, they never received attention outside Finland. Their label has an interesting story, in the sense that it's under another label which is the revived Love Records (under the name Johanna Kustannus), which holds probably the largest catalogue of 80s Finnish rock and pop music. Hey, I find that interesting, ok?

Kotiteollisuus are good for rock radio stations. They're never too heavy, but they can lay down a Priest-inspired riff (with some slightly more modern stuff here and there) and throw some nice melodies on it. They sound very German at times, like the German bands nobody listens to outside of Germany. If you don't expect particular depth, you receive some good, positive energy from this music. Compared to any other dad band, Kotiteollisuus play with genuine energy and creativity.

Look, your mind won't be blown, so don't come back here acting all disappointed. It's decent rock music in a language you don't understand. There is nothing specifically wrong, it's just not the freshest music in the world, and you probably won't care much about the band, considering they've been around for a lot of times and they have their own fans.

It's another step in a long career. There is an inherent charm in Finnish rock - it never sounds like they're taking themselves seriously, which is in contrast with my impression of Finns. I hope that makes sense. Some songs (like Emmauksen tiellä) are genuinely enjoyable and they will make a nice addition to the band's repertoire, particularly in a festival.

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