lunedì 13 aprile 2015

The Grotesquery - Curse of the Skinless Bride

Artist: The Grotesquery
Album: Curse of the Skinless Bride
Release date: April 10, 2015
Label: Cyclone Empire
Genre: Death metal

These guys play a lot of death metal. The singer is Kam Lee, a veteran of the American death scene (before death metal existed, kinda), while you probably know guitarist Rogga Johansson from one of the 28 (I counted) bands he's been in. This is The Grotesquery's third album - the first one was quite good and the second was quite quite good - published by a small label and all that jazz. It's a horror concept album, so a regular death metal album.

They definitely nail the horror vibe. The atmosphere feels more like a good videogame than a bad movie. This is helped by how the album sounds - pretty fuckin' good, if you ask me. It's got this cool thing where the vocals are up front, like it's a pop record, but you can definitely feel the instruments punch you over and over. The Grotesquery have the experience they need to make it entertaining, even if this isn't your first (or hundredth) trip in the wonderful world of death metal.

I would have done without the spoken intermissions. Orson Welles you are not. Props for trying, but the cringe is strong. Speaking of the music, it's, well, death metal. Nothing less, and nothing more. If you are reading metal reviews online, you know what death metal is, how it sounds, whether it has an impact on you. Of course I'd love every band to push their music towards innovation, but it is how it is,

You already know if you'll like it or not. Let's face it, you probably will. It's actually a shame there aren't enough full-fledged songs, but maybe it would have been boring otherwise. I like the idea of 40-50 minutes of music, not because it's old school but because you can feel that the band didn't shoehorn anything in to please an exec (are there even business suit types in death metal?). This sounds like you'd expect it - it does not disappoint.

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