sabato 11 aprile 2015

Impalers - God from the Machine

Artist: Impalers
Title: God from the Machine
Release date: April 10, 2015
Label: Crime Records
Genre: Thrash metal

Four Danish dudes playing thrash metal. The-fucking-end. It's a no-nonsense band with a straightforward approach to heavy metal, so they have this honest vibe going on, which is cool. Their first album came out two years ago and got some decent reviews. Perhaps their current label is a bit too small for their ambitions, but I love small labels because they're usually run by human beings with a heart and soul, and most of all with a passion for music. At least they know the importance of presentation - seriously, look at that cover art, it's great!

The Impalers, despite this terrible band name, have enough energy to move a mountain. Of course, there are no mountains in Denmark, so they had to play loud music instead. They do it with typical northern European dedition, writing tight songs that go straight to the point. Basically, they listened to a lot of thrash metal, both European and American, and replicated it effectively. Søren Crawack, the singer, does most of the good things, with an aggressive, emphatic style that will make you wish you had longer hair (let's face it, your headbanging probably sucks).

Impalers are less innovative than English football. If you're a thrash metal fan, this is probably not a sin in your eyes, but I listen to four million new records every week and this approach does not make me particularly enthusiastic. I appreciate the Impalers' attempts to write a couple of longer songs, but there isn't enough going on to make these songs bearable. Beyond Trinity also has the least original quote ever (by Oppenheimer, you know which one) in the intro, and some clean singing which is far from perfect.

It's essentially music for teenagers, and there's nothing wrong with it. Someone like me might argue that in the age of music streaming I can just listen to the classics and be happy with them, but when I was a teenager I always wanted more of "it". If your "it" is European thrash metal with some Bay Area influences, then Impalers are your band. You can put their short songs in your giant thrash playlist and they won't make you touch the skip button.

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